I Think I Can, I Think I Can

via Daily Prompt: Immerse

I have whined in a few previous posts about hating my job and wanting to become a gypsy, etc.  And, I think I’m going to finally take a chance on myself and do something risky.  The Hubs and I have been batting around business ideas for years, and I think we’re actually going to give it a go.  I know it will be slow starting out.  I know we may fall flat on our faces.  But seriously.  I no longer care.  Nothing is going to happen if we don’t try to make something happen.  Right?

I have spent the last several weeks immersed in research and note-taking and shopping around for supplies, etc. in an effort to be as well prepared as one can be without actually getting their feet wet.  And when I’m not doing that, my thoughts have been immersed in ways in which I will quit my current job when it comes to that point.  This is actually something I have been daydreaming about for years.

I think it would be epic to go out a la Scarface from Half Baked.  We even have an intercom system, so yeah…….  Most likely, I will be very polite and give plenty of notice and help them prepare as much as I can because I do try to be a lady (sort of).  And I am a Christian, and most of my plans are not what Jesus would do….  But, in my mind……in my mind, it is a completely different scenario.  Maybe I will at least give myself a tiny bit of satisfaction by changing my screen saver to say “go step on a Lego”.

Song of the Day

Seven Bridges Road by The Eagles

I am going to break my own format and skip the recipes and books of the day.  I am too immersed in finishing up my day.  I hope you all have a blessed evening!



2 thoughts on “I Think I Can, I Think I Can

  1. sonsan5 says:

    What are y’all going to do? Manuel quit his job last week and we are trying to decide what to do next. We’ve wanted to move for forever. We are praying maybe this is in God’s will for us. I’m so excited for you! Go for it!


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