I’m So Knocking Knackered

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Knackered.  What a fun-sounding word for such an unpleasant state.  And, what an appropriate Daily Prompt word for a Friday.  I am most definitely knackered today.  This has most definitely been a most knackering week.  (Is that a word?)

Thank God the weekend has finally arrived.  Literally.  I am LITERALLY thanking God.  I have had an extremely busy work week.  My husband, bless his heart, has been working on a job with his brother that has been a nonstop barrage of problems.  It has come to a blessed end today.  And, I’ve had a lot on my mind the past couple of weeks, and that has certainly left me feeling knackered.

The thinking too much and worrying is the most tiresome of everything.  It is something I seldom do.  It tells us in the Bible time after time not to worry, not to be anxious.  And, usually, I don’t.  I have found in life that just rolling with the tide is best.  I don’t know why I’m suddenly going against God’s word here and wasting any time, effort, and sleep worrying about the future.  Especially since I can’t really pinpoint what it is I’m anxious about.  I just feel…..unsettled.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:6-7
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6
Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken. Psalm 55:22
And on and on and on……
I get to spend much of tomorrow with my family, which is always refreshing for a knackered mind and soul.  Hopefully, that time will put my my at ease, and I can let go of this silliness.
We are gathering for my sister’s grandson’s 1st birthday party.  I cannot believe that he is one already!  And, I still cannot believe that my sister is a grandmother!  I often feel that I have trouble wrapping my head around such things because I never had children myself.  I don’t guess things would seem so shocking if I had.  Perhaps in my mind, I’d feel more like an adult than I do.  My life has not changed much in the last 20 years, and I often feel like that has stymied my mental growth….or my progression in life.  But, that’s one more thing I should not waste mental effort on.  🙂  I am just going to relish the time with everyone tomorrow and enjoy watching a one-year-old’s awe and wonder at being the center of attention and being lavished with silly gifts.  He is so darn cute.
I hope you all have a refreshing weekend.  And, I hope you are all feeling less knackered by the end of this evening.

Song of the Day

Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz.  “I’m happy.  I’m feeling glad.  I’ve got sunshine in a bag…..”

Book of the Day

Image result for the woman in cabin 10

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware.  I was disappointed by this book.  It was on so many must-read lists!  I totally expected to be blown away by it.  But, alas, I was not.  It’s the story of Lo Blacklock, a journalist whose career has been pretty stagnant for a decade or so.  She is finally given the assignment of a lifetime when she lands a trip on the maiden voyage of a luxury cruise ship destined for the Northern Lights.  She almost immediately stumbles into a mystery after boarding, and her life is endangered when she reaches out for help.  I was never really pulled in to the story line.  The plot, though promising, was poorly executed.  It wasn’t awful, but it certainly didn’t live up to all of they hype.

Recipe of the Day

I am going to do something a bit different here.  Instead of posting a recipe that I have tried, I am going to ask a recipe question.  I watch a lot of cooking shows on TV.  I am quite obsessed with food.  Often on these shows, I see chefs making flavored or infused butters.  Have any of you tried this?  What do you like to use them on?  Do you have a favorite infused butter recipe?  If so, please share your experiences with me!  I would very much like to try to make my own…..


100 Day Song Challenge (016-020)

A continuation of my 100 Day Song Challenge.

Day 016:  A song you like but a friend doesn’t.  Ms. Jackson by Outkast.  My friend, HR hates this song with a passion.  Giggle.  It may have something to do with the fact that her mom’s name is Mrs. Jackson…..

Day 017:  A song from a movie.  What is the movie?  Down to the River to Pray performed by Alison Krauss.  This is from the O, Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack, which I love from beginning to end.

Day 018:  A song from the year you were born.  Looking over a list of songs released in 1980, I found many good choices!  I always knew 1980 was a good year….ha!  I decided to go with It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me by Billy Joel.

Day 019:  A song you think most people would like.  Again with these difficult categories!  I guess that’s why it’s a “challenge”.  I just tried to think of a widespread beloved artist, and came up with Elvis Presley.  (I’m not personally a big fan.)  And tried to think of  his most fun song.  So…..here’s Jailhouse Rock….

Day 020:  A good 80s song.  Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics.  Because yeah…..a techno beat never sounded so good.

Get down, get down.

I highly recommend dancing around your house with total abandon using totally awkward Elaine Benes-like dance moves.  It’s very therapeutic.  (And could count as cardio, depending on how down you get…..)

That is all.


Happy Sunday, everyone!  I know I haven’t written much lately.  Honestly, I haven’t had much to write about.  Regardless, I thought I should pop in and say hello.

It has been a pretty great weekend.  I went for a much needed hike on Saturday with an old friend.  And then The Hubs and I went bowling with that same friend and her husband on Saturday night.  I used to bowl in a weekly league but haven’t even touched a ball in more than five years.  I can’t say that I bowled well, but we had fun.  I was reminded while hanging at the bowling alley with swarms of teenagers that I do NOT understand much modern music.  In fact, I have trouble even identifying the musical elements in a lot of the songs played.  I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, and I think I could make a track of equal quality.

(I was told the other day by a friend that I am judgy.  The above few sentences are another example of my judginess.  I know I am judgy.  I don’t try to be judgy.  In fact, I try hard not to be judgy.  It just comes so naturally.  I swear I don’t think extraordinarily highly of myself.  It’s just that a lot of things make my eye twitch.  It’s deifinitely a flaw that I try to work on with prayer….)

The Hubs and I also ate at both of our most favorite local restaurants this weekend, which always makes me happy.  The rest of our time was spent making my soon-to-be-one-year-old great nephew a Busy Board.  I really hope he gets hours and hours and hours of enjoyment out of it.  We’ve enjoyed making it.  (Gah!  I cannot believe he is one already!!  It can’t be!)

I am thisclose to finishing Cloud Atlas, which I have been reading all year.  I love David Mitchell.  He has such a way with words.  The latest passage of his that I have read and reread in appreciation (though I don’t completely agree with it—was spoken by a character on the verge of suicide–but still a very well-written and creative string of words):

People are obscenities. Would rather be music than be a mass of tubes squeezing semisolids around itself for a few decades before becoming so dribblesome it’ll no longer function. – David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Well, here’s to each of you having a wonderful, productive, and satisfying week!  Cheers and much love!

Song of the Day

Wish I Knew You by The Revivalists.  I just love the whole sound of this one.

Book of the Day

Image result for the wild truth carine

I finished The Wild Truth by Carine McCandless this week.  I listed Into the Wild in an earlier post, which was the story of Chris McCandless aka Alex Supertramp, who was found starved to death in the Alaskan Wilderness.  The Wild Truth was written by his sister, and is an explanation of his childhood difficulties, which served as the motivation behind Chris’s journey.  Man.  What a sad read.  Really, I rather disliked the book overall since it was less about Chris and more about Carine’s life, but I guess it would be difficult to tell that story any other way.  Regardless, if half of what she says is true, one can’t really blame Chris for abandoning his family and taking off.  I recommend reading both books, starting with Krakauer’s.

Recipe of the Day

Toffee Crack via http://www.thekurtzcorner.com.  Make and eat at your own risk.  You have been warned….

40 Saltine crackers (one sleeve about)
1 Cup salted butter (don’t substitute)
1 Cup brown sugar
1 12 ounce package of chocolate chips
5-6 Heath bars, crunched up for topping

Take your largest rimmed baking tray and line it with foil. Line your crackers in rows making sure that they don’t overlap. The crackers should fill up the entire baking sheet.  Melt your butter over medium-high heat in a saucepan stirring in your brown sugar gradually. Once it starts bubbling, turn the heat to medium-low and simmer for about 3 minutes. Make sure you stir continuously or it will burn.  Once your caramel has simmered for a few minutes, pour it straight on the crackers. You want it to be pretty runny so don’t worry that it isn’t thick. Try to evenly pour the caramel over the crackers, don’t worry about covering everything, it will spread in the oven.  Place your baking sheet in the oven at 325 degrees for about 8 minutes. You want the caramel to spread out nicely over the crackers. It should be bubbling before you take it out of the oven.  After removing your tray from the oven, pour your chocolate chips over the crackers right away. The heat from the caramel will melt the chocolate chips. Let it sit for 5 minutes to melt.  While your chocolate chips are melting crush up your Heath bars into little pieces. I used a hammer and lightly hit each bar while they were still in the wrappers.  After 5 minutes, use a rubber spatula to spread out your chocolate chips evenly over the crackers.  Now sprinkle on your Heath pieces!  Place your tray in the freezer and allow between 2-4 hours to fully freeze. Once you remove your toffee it should be rock hard! Flip your toffee over and peel off the foil. It should come off in one whole piece. You might have a few left over pieces here or there but not to worry it’s easy to peel off!  Break your toffee up into pieces with your hand or cut it with a knife.  Eat right away! Whatever is left over just place in Tupperware and store in the freezer. Enjoy!

Carefully consider once again whether or not you should start up a crack habit before consuming.  Everyone knows how addicting crack is…..

100 Day Song Challenge (Day 011-015)

Continuation of my 100 Day Song Challenge selections.

Day 011:  A song from an artist you are attracted to.  I found this category difficult as well.  I listen to A LOT of music, but I rarely look up pictures of the singers.  So, I’m going to have to go off of voice/lyric/song content/musical ability attraction rather than physical attraction, which I assume was intended for this category.  I LOVE Marcus Mumford’s voice.  Love it!  Jean and I joke that if he and Florence Welch were to have a child, its voice would be too beautiful to listen to.  So, here is Kansas City by The New Basement Tapes, which Marcus Mumford is part of.

Day 012:  A song from any dead artist.  Wow.  The possibilities are endless for this one.  So, I’ll choose With a Little Help from My Friends by Joe Cocker because it keeps playing on an ad on Words With Friends and has been stuck in my head for a week.  Joe Cocker 1944-2014

Day 013:  A favorite cover song.  Who sang the original?  Hurt by Johnny Cash, originally by Nine Inch Nails.  He recorded his version, which is a million times better than the original, about a year before his death.

Day 014:  A song with a good video.  I love Buddy Holly by Weezer’s homage to Happy Days.  And, I thought I should choose it in light of the recent deaths of Erin Moran and Mary Tyler Moore.  Ooh wee ooh…..

Day 015:  A song you hate.  Picture by Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock.  I do an involuntary, whole-body cringe whenever I hear this song.

Happy Resurrection Day!

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“It is true!  The Lord has risen…”  Luke 24:34b 

No justifiable reasons to be cranky today.  Today is the day we celebrate our Savior rising from the grave after being brutally murdered.  He suffered terribly because we are sinners.  I sin repeatedly.  Daily, I add to the myriad of sins that He, an innocent man, was whipped and beaten and stabbed and mocked and spat at and crucified for.  It does not matter what you or I or anyone have going on in our lives right now that is causing us stress or discomfort.  Nothing compares to what He went through and why.  Nothing takes away from the fact that we should honor this sacrifice today and every day.  Thank you, Lord, for loving me enough to give me this gift that I do not deserve.  Thank you for the chance at eternity with you.  Thank you.

Happy Easter, everyone.

Song of the Day

Great I Am performed by Phillips, Craig, and Dean.

100 Day Song Challenge (Day 006-010)

Continuation of the 100 Day Song Challenge that I began here:

Day 006:  A novelty song.  Cover of the Rolling Stone by Dr. Hook.  I have heard this song hundreds of times in my life, and it still makes me smile and giggle each time.

Day 007:  One of your favorite songs.  The Cave by Mumford & Sons.  I hate “what’s your favorite song” questions.  Truly.  How can you possibly choose?  After giving it much thought, I decided to choose one with religious undertones since it is Easter Sunday.

Day 008:  A song you used to like but now hate.  I can’t think of any songs that fit this category exactly.  So, I’m choosing Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.  I don’t hate this song, but I do find myself skipping over it now when it comes on XM or Pandora.  Let’s just say it doesn’t hold my attention like it once did.

Day 009:  A childhood memory TV theme tune.  We watched probably every episode ever of Cheers when I was a kid.  Loved that show!  Is it disturbing that this show came to me first over any cartoons?  Nah……

Day 010:  A song from your favorite album.  What is the album?  Hold It Now, Hold It  by Beastie Boys from their Licensed to Ill album.  Not my absolute favorite track from the album, but seriously…..the whole thing is genius.  And geez!  Look how young they are!!