Random Thoughts on a Rainy Evening

It’s Monday evening.  Another day at The Unhappiest Place on Earth survived.  I’m sitting here with all of my windows open anxiously waiting on this spring thunderstorm to make its appearance, enjoying the therapeutic peacefulness of God’s creations–the birds singing, insects chirping, squirrels chattering, the breeze making my wind chimes tinkle,–and thinking deep thoughts:

  • This morning I had an incident where some of my coffee went down the wrong pipe.  I choked on it, had a violent physical reaction, and the coffee was forced up into the sinus cavity underneath my right cheek.  I swear it was.  Is that possible?  My sinuses have been aching ever since.  I keep envisioning Texas pecan coffee sloshing around inside my face.  How can I get it out?  Eventually, it’ll turn…..  Will the doctor believe me if I have to go ask for antibiotics and tell him I have coffee stuck in my skull?
  • Should we go with solar roofing tiles for our house?  Is it a sound investment or a rip off?  I have read both marvelous and disappointing things about it.  Will Tesla’s new solar roofing tiles be better than previous products?  Would it be better to put solar panels over the deck we’re building?  Can I fix my foundation problems, rebuild two retaining walls, pour a new driveway, build a new deck, put on a new roof, install solar panels, and repaint our house for very little money?  Does anyone have a time machine I can borrow?
  • Do I want to make wonton soup for dinner again?
  • Could I talk all of the people that I love into moving onto the same piece of land and starting our own community?  Could we all get along?  Would the outside world think we were members of some crazy cult?  I wonder if there is a real pioneer living inside of me.  Maybe deep down inside I’m a badass who can kill a deer, process it, make delectable dishes from the meat, a cute dress from the pelt, and a snazzy little coat rack from the antlers all with tools I’ve made by hand.  But probably not.
  • Will I EVER finish reading Cloud Atlas?
  • Which of our many possible futures will become a reality for me and The Hubs?
  • Why do my eyebrows act like I feed them Miracle-Gro?
  • What can we do to celebrate our 20th anniversary this year?
  • Why am I wearing mismatched socks?

And on and on and on it goes.  I hope you are having a wonderful night.  I hear the thunder coming!  Going to go sit on my porch and breathe in the fresh air.

Song of the Day

Bother by Stone Sour.  Just because I heard it this morning for the first time in a while.

Recipe of the Day

Baked beans for a crowd.  This is a recipe I came up with a few years ago by smushing together the best parts of three other recipes.  Every time we have a get-together with my in-laws, I am asked to bring these.  The recipe fills a 9×13 cake pan.

6 15-oz cans pork and beans, drain juice from 4
1 pkg bacon
1 onion, diced
1-3 jalapenos, diced
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
3 Tbsp spicy mustard
3 tsp Worcestershire sauce
2 tsp red wine vinegar
2 cups BBQ sauce
1 cup catsup
Salt & pepper, to taste

Cut bacon into small chunks and cook with onion and jalapeno. Mix that and everything else in a large tin pan or cake pan. Cook at 350 for 1-1 1/2 hours.

Book of the Day

Image result for twilight novel coverImage result for eclipse novel coverImage result for short second life of bree tannerImage result for new moon novel coverImage result for breaking dawn novel coverImage result for life after death stephenie meyer

The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.  Yes yes.  I know that these book are often ridiculed, but they played an important role in my love affair with reading.  I read all of the time when I was a child.  My mom worked at a library, so it was quite natural.  Then, I took a long hiatus through most of my adolescence and early adulthood.  In my twenties, my mom got me hooked on the Harry Potter series, which rekindled the fire.  My reading may have halted there if it wasn’t for my friend, Lynn, and her overwhelming obsession with Twilight.  She talked about it so much that I just had to see what all of the fuss was about.  And, I have to admit, that I loved the first book.  I quickly followed that one up with the next three books in the series.  And then I heard about the unfinished Midnight Sun and read that one.  (I so wish Meyer had completed it!)  And then The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.  I am very grateful that I read the books before watching the movies because I probably wouldn’t have bothered if it were the other way around.  The acting in those movies really is pitiful.  My love for this series has since waned.  That point was drilled home when I made the mistake of reading Life After Death, which is the original story “reimagined” with gender reversal.  It is terrible.  Terrible!  Anyway.  Mock me if you will, but the Twilight series is a part of history now, and I am happy that it catapulted me full-force back into the literary world.  No regrets!



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