100 Day Song Challenge (Day 006-010)

Continuation of the 100 Day Song Challenge that I began here:

Day 006:  A novelty song.  Cover of the Rolling Stone by Dr. Hook.  I have heard this song hundreds of times in my life, and it still makes me smile and giggle each time.

Day 007:  One of your favorite songs.  The Cave by Mumford & Sons.  I hate “what’s your favorite song” questions.  Truly.  How can you possibly choose?  After giving it much thought, I decided to choose one with religious undertones since it is Easter Sunday.

Day 008:  A song you used to like but now hate.  I can’t think of any songs that fit this category exactly.  So, I’m choosing Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.  I don’t hate this song, but I do find myself skipping over it now when it comes on XM or Pandora.  Let’s just say it doesn’t hold my attention like it once did.

Day 009:  A childhood memory TV theme tune.  We watched probably every episode ever of Cheers when I was a kid.  Loved that show!  Is it disturbing that this show came to me first over any cartoons?  Nah……

Day 010:  A song from your favorite album.  What is the album?  Hold It Now, Hold It  by Beastie Boys from their Licensed to Ill album.  Not my absolute favorite track from the album, but seriously…..the whole thing is genius.  And geez!  Look how young they are!!


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