Happy Resurrection Day!

via Daily Prompt: Cranky

“It is true!  The Lord has risen…”  Luke 24:34b 

No justifiable reasons to be cranky today.  Today is the day we celebrate our Savior rising from the grave after being brutally murdered.  He suffered terribly because we are sinners.  I sin repeatedly.  Daily, I add to the myriad of sins that He, an innocent man, was whipped and beaten and stabbed and mocked and spat at and crucified for.  It does not matter what you or I or anyone have going on in our lives right now that is causing us stress or discomfort.  Nothing compares to what He went through and why.  Nothing takes away from the fact that we should honor this sacrifice today and every day.  Thank you, Lord, for loving me enough to give me this gift that I do not deserve.  Thank you for the chance at eternity with you.  Thank you.

Happy Easter, everyone.

Song of the Day

Great I Am performed by Phillips, Craig, and Dean.


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