100 Day Song Challenge (016-020)

A continuation of my 100 Day Song Challenge.

Day 016:  A song you like but a friend doesn’t.  Ms. Jackson by Outkast.  My friend, HR hates this song with a passion.  Giggle.  It may have something to do with the fact that her mom’s name is Mrs. Jackson…..

Day 017:  A song from a movie.  What is the movie?  Down to the River to Pray performed by Alison Krauss.  This is from the O, Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack, which I love from beginning to end.

Day 018:  A song from the year you were born.  Looking over a list of songs released in 1980, I found many good choices!  I always knew 1980 was a good year….ha!  I decided to go with It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me by Billy Joel.

Day 019:  A song you think most people would like.  Again with these difficult categories!  I guess that’s why it’s a “challenge”.  I just tried to think of a widespread beloved artist, and came up with Elvis Presley.  (I’m not personally a big fan.)  And tried to think of  his most fun song.  So…..here’s Jailhouse Rock….

Day 020:  A good 80s song.  Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics.  Because yeah…..a techno beat never sounded so good.


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