100 Day Song Challenge (026-030)

A continuation of my 100 Day Song Challenge.

Day 026:  A good 60s song.  Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival.  Love love love love love CCR.  Epitome of rock in my humble opinion.  Great melodies.  Great lyrics.  Soulful voices.

Day 027:  A song with a number in it.  7 Years by Lukas Graham.  I find this song to be beautiful.  “Soon I”ll be sixty years old.  My daddy got sixty-one.  Remember life and then your life becomes a better one.”

Day 028:  A really old song.  Amazing Grace.  Interweb research, which of course must be accurate because everything on the web is true, tells me that it was originally published in 1779.  Here is the song being played on the bagpipes, because I love bagpipes and all other ancient, ancestral types of music.  It gives me chills.

Day 029:  A Michael Jackson song.  Beat It.  I’m not much of a Michael Jackson fan.  I picked this one because I like Fall Out Boy’s cover of it.  🙂

Day 030:  One of the oldest songs that you like.  Where Did You Sleep Last Night? by Leadbelly.  Later covered quite awesomely by Nirvana.



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