Mental Pictures that Make Me Giggle

Just a couple of random thoughts:

  1.  I had an MRI yesterday.  I’m an old pro at these, but never before have I noticed an MRI tech’s badge being pulled toward the magnetic machine.  It was a bit amusing.  He was standing there fiddling with the screen, and his badge was being pulled away from his body and toward the machine.  MRI protocol differs depending on the facility.  This particular venue wanted me to leave my shoes on despite the metal eyelets.  Seeing the tech’s badge made me have mental visions of my feet being pulled up over my head toward the machine while I was being slid into the machine until I was rolled up like a shrimp.  Giggle.  I wish I could draw more skillfully.  I would love to sketch that out…..
  2. I have a friend who is being ordained as a minister a week from tomorrow.  Thinking of this earlier made me realize that this will now mean that I will have more friends in ministry than in prison for the first time in my life.  What does that say?  Ha!

That’s all, folks!  Have a fabulous evening.



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