100 Day Song Challenge (036-040)

A continuation of my 100 Day Song Challenge choices.

Day 036:  The Eurovision Song Contest winner from the year you were born.  This should be interesting……  What’s Another Year by Johnny Logan

Day 037:  The worst song you have in your collection.  That’s really hard to say.  How about the worst on my most recently listened to playlist?  Brand New Key by Melanie.

Day 038:  A song that gets you motivated.  When I’m cleaning house, which takes much motivation on my part, I like to listen to high-energy songs with a good beat that I can do awkward dance moves to all over the house.  Like Bombs Over Baghdad by Outkast.  I know I’ve already picked an Outkast song, but oh well….

Day 039:  The first random song that comes to mind.  No Light, No Light by Florence + the Machine.  Been stuck in my head all day.

Day 040:  A song from the 1950s.  Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford (1955).  Timeless little ditty.


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